Driving in the city centre means facing traffic jams, crashes, parking issues and finally the risk of being late.

TCL has set up 21park-and-ride facilities, i.e.7,100 parking spaces throughout the Lyon area, reserved for TCL customers. All are located near a TCL station, making it easier for you to access public transport.

You arrive by car and enter the park-and-ride as if you were in a paid car park. With your car parked, you can leave by metro, bus or tram, with peace of mind. You can leave the park-and-ride validating your transport ticket on the same day on the network.


Park-and-Ride is exclusively reserved for TCL customers.

To get your vehicle out of the park-and-ride, you need to:

  1. Make a trip on the network with a valid means of transport (card or ticket) during the day.
  2. Present the ticket at the exit validator.

Cards and tickets that have not got a validated trip on the TCL network during that day will not make the exit barriers open. In this case, to leave the park-and-ride, you must pay for an exit ticket at the price of €10, available at the park-and-ride ticket machines.

Practical information:

  • Not a TCL subscriber? Simply buy your ticket on site. Make a round trip and keep it until you return.
  • Most park-and-ride facilities are equipped with a video surveillance system and monitored by a TCL agent.
  • Park-and-ride facilities are open from 4:30am to 1am : it is prohibited to leave your car there over night.