The TCL network

A solid and complementary network

4 subway lines

5 tramway lines

100+ bus and trolleybus lines

2 funicular lines

The TCL network operates within 73 towns:

59 towns in the Lyon urban area

8 towns of the « Communauté de Communes de l'Est Lyonnais » since the 1st of September 2015: Jons, Pusignan, Genas, St Bonnet-de-Mure, St Laurent-de-Mure, Colombier Saugnieu, St Pierre de Chandieu, Toussieu

6 towns that have joined: Sainte Consorce, Grézieu-la-Varenne, Brindas, Chaponost, Messimy and Thurins

...or 1.3 million inhabitants spread out over 746 km²!

The subway quickly takes you to the heart of the city's main districts and business centres, then buses, trolleybuses, trams and funiculars bring you even closer to your destination: the TCL network offers complementary lines that are accessible to all travellers.

Good to know:

  • The TCL network is managed by SYTRAL (Syndicat Mixte des Transports pour le Rhône et l'Agglomération Lyonnaise), which builds and sets up the agglomeration's transport policy, carries out investments, determines pricing policy and adapts the transport offer.

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  • Keolis Lyon is mandated by SYTRAL to operate the TCL network, report on operations, commit to annual revenue targets, manage SYTRAL's assets and assist it in its role as project owner.