TCL E-Ticket

Buy and validate your ticket with your android smartphone

TCL E-Ticket offer the opportunity to buy your ticket on your mobile application and to validate as if it were a Técély card.

Only the android mobile equipped with NFC are compatibles with TCL E-Ticket application. 

The following tickets are available on the application :

  • Monthly subscription : 11-17, 18-25, 26-64 and 65 years and +
  • 10x one hour ticket booklets less than 26 years
  • Evening ticket
  • 2 hours Ticket

The following tickets are available on the application :

  • One hour ticket and 10x one hour ticket booklets
  • 24/48/72 hours ticket
  • Tick'air (only sale during a pollution peak)
  • TCL en Fête : for the Festival of Lights the 5, 6 and 7h of December

How it works?

  1. Install the TCL E-Ticket application on Google Play
  2. Create an account with your mobile number and your email address
  3. To buy tickets with your credit card, reach the tab "shop"
  4. Select the ticket 
  5. The validation is working as a Técély card. You have to show the phone back on the validator and it has to remain alight.
  6. During the purchase, the phone has to be connected to the network 4G or in wifi. This connexion isn't necessary during the validation or the control.