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Leave at 08 h 02 Arrive at 08 h 29 i.e. 27 min
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Walk Get there on foot Gare Part-Dieu Villette 7 min (990m)
Tramway Tramway ligne 4: Jet d' Eau Mendès France.Hôpital Feyzin Vénissieux 08:09 Disabled access

Gare Part-Dieu Villette

Direction La Doua - Gaston Berger


All departure timetables

11 min

  08:20 Disabled access

Alight at La Doua - Gaston Berger

Walk Get there on foot CNRS Villeurbanne 9 min (430m)
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07 h 57 Tramway 08 h 24
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08 h 07 Tramway 08 h 34
  • CO2 emissions due to energy consumption on this trip : 0.117 kg CO2 equivalent

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