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Everywhere, for everyone, there is TCL
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Discovering TCL

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Whether you have a few hours or the whole day ahead of you, discover the city using Lyon Public Transport (TCL).


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Good practices


The TCL network enables you to combine modes of transport as you wish with a single ticket. However, you need to validate your ticket each time you change lines, except from one metro line to another.


For everyone's comfort, people travelling on the TCL network must keep the facilities clean, refrain from smoking and give up their seats to elderly people, pregnant women or women with young children. The only animals allowed on the TCL network are guide dogs for the blind and small animals carried in baskets.


During peak traffic hours, the metros run every 2 minutes on lines A and D, every 3 minutes on line B, and every 5 minutes on line C and the funiculars. We advise you not to run on the platforms, not to force the doors of the cars, and to let the passengers get off before you climb onboard. Inside, don't stay in front of the doors; instead, make use of all available space in order to facilitate passenger movement. 


TCL Services

TCL adapts its network to travellers' needs and timetables, and offers practical, secure services.

Park & Ride

For hassle-free travel, leave your vehicle in a reserved car park and take the metro, funicular, bus or tram.

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Park & Ride

"Pleine Lune" night buses

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, extend your evenings and go back in the early hours of the morning in total safety.

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Pleine Lune

Information and purchase

TCL information centres, agents, vending machines and TCL sales offices.

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Agences Commerciales